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Modine Hot Dawg Heater

carbon-monoxideIf you're looking for a garage heater or a shop heater, Modine Hot Dawg® Heaters offer convenience and quality at a great price.

Benefits of a Modine garage heater:

  • Keep your garage or workshop comfortable
  • Keep your car warm and melt the snow away
  • Models to heat most sizes of garages
  • Vents through the wall or roof
  • Keep your pets warm in the garage
  • Low profile design
  • Natural or propane gas
  • Can install 1” from the ceiling
  • Spark ignition, no standing pilot
  • Residential or Commercial uses
  • 10 year warranty on heat exchanger

So if you’re looking to turn your garage into a shop or keep your vehicle warm to melt away the snow for a clean car for the morning commute, call us today and we will be glad to help you.