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Energy Makeover Contest

After 9,000 applications in six weeks the Colorado Energy Science Center partnered with Xcel announces contest winners.American Standard Colorado Comfort

The two grand prize winners are Patricia Ganz and Harry Chapel of Aurora and Kara Culpepper and Terri Haley of Arvada. Both homes will see significant benefits in reducing energy bills and improving home comfort.

Mrs. Ganz learned about the contest while at work for a large retailer, watching a TV segment in the break room. Patricia works days and her husband, Harry Chapel, works nights for a plastics company, in order to take care of their three sons. Patricia has lived in her Aurora home since she was five years old, and bought it from the family in the 80s when her father passed away.

Ms. Culpepper is a single mother raising her teenage children, Jordan and Joshua, and works as a legal assistant. Ms. Culpepper learned of the contest from her mother. Kara’s roommate and co-owner, Terri Haley, cried when she learned of winning the prize. Terri was at work, and Jordan sent her a text message when CESC and Xcel Energy showed up at the front door. Kara and Terri say this house was the coldest they have ever lived in, and knows of homes twice the size with half the energy bills.

Both homes received the following energy efficiency upgrades:

American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Colorado Comfort Team is providing a Freedom 93% two stage variable speed furnace with an indoor comfort coil, and an American Standard Allegiance 14 SEER hybrid heat pump system which can be up to 5 times as efficient as a typical heating and air conditioning system for the Ganz/Chapel home.

Ductworks, Inc. is providing each home a Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package, utilizing a patented system that simultaneously scrapes and vacuums debris from the walls and air ducts. A key to efficient heating and air conditioning operation is ductwork cleaning.

Other upgrades the homes received are full house insulation, air duct system sealing, electrical upgrade, replacement of all windows featuring a LoElite Heat Mirror glass with an Argon/Krypton gas fill. And for a final touch to make the house a home, professional window coverings for every window.

“We’ve done most of the work ourselves,” said Robert, who has owned a remodeling and plumbing company for the past 10 years. So, it was a surprise for them to learn where their home was causing energy and comfort problems. “There were air leaks in places we never would have expected, and we didn’t understand that our oversized furnace is costing us money and causing comfort problems.”

Two Smart Energy Living sponsors, Accent Windows and the American Standard Heating & Air Colorado Comfort Team stepped up to pay for an energy audit of Chaer and Robert’s home. “Making people comfortable is what we do,” explained Tom Weinrich of American Standard. “Being able to alleviate a medical condition like Mrs. Blackler’s is something that a lot of people can relate to.”

Terry Marcovich of Accent Windows added, “Being a member of the community has always been important to us. We’re proud to help this family address their high energy bills and drafty rooms.”

The energy audit performed by Lightly Treading showed a significant amount of air leakage and an oversized heating and cooling system. Accent and American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning are paying for the air sealing work and a new heating and cooling system is being installed courtesy of American Standard’s Colorado Comfort Team. And, Ductworks is going to clean the air ducts prior to the high efficiency furnace installation. The new furnace will increase the air flow through the ducts, which can disturb dust and debris in the ducts and blow it throughout the home.

“This is exactly the collaboration we hope to encourage among energy efficiency companies,” explains Kirstin Marr, Editor-in-Chief of Smart Energy Living. “Our sponsors are paying for and promoting a service they don’t provide to demonstrate the importance of a whole-house strategy. By investigating a home, people will be able to identify the real problem areas and make the most of their time and money. That is our goal in educating consumers about the benefits of energy efficiency projects done correctly, and we thank our sponsors for their generous contribution.”

Chaer and Robert are grateful too, “We can’t tell you what it means to us to have this help. It’s been a real eye opener and we now understand the value of developing a plan based on the facts specific to our home.”

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